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Breaking The Great Wall of Web - XSS WAF Evasion CheatSheet

I think it's mandatory to give back to Security community from where we learn cutting edge techniques and information. Therefore after months of effort i am presenting to you a new WhitePaper titled "Breaking Great Wall of Web" without any strings attached.


I would like to thank the Acunetix Team for helping with proof-reading of the document.


The WhitePaper not only contains sophisticated XSS vectors but it aims at also explaining the methodology behind bypassing a WAF.  The previous paper on this subject "Bypassing Modern WAF's XSS Filters - Cheat Sheetwas released 3 years back. A lot has changed and evolved during these years, especially with the advent of ECMA Script a new horizon for evasion/obfuscation have been opened. I have already discussed/demonstrated several techniques presented in this whitepaper in my recent Webcast hosted by Garage4hackers team namely "Bypassing Modern WAF's Exemplified At XSS".


 Input Validation flaws such as XSS are the most prevailing security threats affecting modern Web Applications. In order to mitigate these attacks Web Application Firewalls (WAF's) are used, which inspect HTTP requests for malicious transactions. Nevertheless, they can be easily bypassed due to the complexity of JavaScript in Modern browsers. In this paper we will discusses several techniques that can be used to circumvent WAF’s exemplified at XSS.

This will paper talk about the concepts of WAF’s in general, identifying and fingerprinting WAF’s and various methodologies for constructing a bypass. The paper discusses well known techniques such as Brute Forcing, Regular expression reversing and browser bugs for bypassing WAF’s.

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