Hi, I am Rafay Baloch, a security researcher, author and a public speaker.

About Me

Rafay Baloch is an information security expert and evangelist. He is listed as `Top 25 threat seekers of 2014` and `The 15 Most Successful Ethical Hackers WorldWide` by SCmagazine for the issues he uncovered with Android. Checkmarkx has listed Rafay Baloch as `Top 5 Ethical Hackers Of World`.

Techjuice has listed him as one of Pakistan's 25 high achievers under 25 years of age. Apart from this rafay is also Author of "Ethical Hacking And Pentesting Book". Rafay’s work has also been featured into many national/international magazines, newspapers and forums. These include websites such as SC magazine, Forbes, Yahoo news, Metasploit, threatpost etc. His research has been accepted at international conferences such CSP, SecureBrasil, Defcamp, Blackhat etc.


  1. salute he is a pakistani and i am also love PAKISTAN ZINDABAD

  2. Sir i am learning in electronics engineering in BAHRIA UNIVERSITY KARACHI but my personal interest in ethical hacking so what should I do for the best world white hacker :)

  3. sir plz make a institute for poor students to protect and honour the pakistan with ethical hacking

  4. I'm from China. Love people from Pakistan.

  5. sir plz make a institute for poor students to protect and honour the pakistan with ethical hacking .....afcourse because pakistan will growth in the world

  6. Hi, I'm Ahsan and I'm a teen.I live in Pakistan. My all interest is over hacking.I already know a little bit of hacking knowledge like vulnerability,payload,backdoor etc.I know about Kali Linux and Dark web also but as I said I know a little bit knowledge like making payload and inject into a computer.I want to know more about it so please reply if u like my interest.

    Email: [email protected]

  7. great work and contribution to security thumbsup :D


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