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  1. Dear
    Thank you for your time reading this letter. I read through some article that mentioned you are one of the best expertist on cyber security and mobile device or related technology system's secruity. I do believe your professional knowledge in computer science and security is capable to discover what have happened behind all my computer, mobile phone and internet communication using.
    I do believe discover what have happened on my electronic device and internet communication is just a piece of cake to you. Although, those things are added by someone who own similar computer knowledge like you. However, you are more professional to tell what they accuately did and how they did it. I do believe you are expert on this. Nothing stop them from continoue to doing so on my electronice device and computer communication. So, I am here to ask if you have a few minutes to see or discover how professional hacker they are and how much fun they added on my cyber device.
    They hack in my google account, facebook account, instagram account, dropbox, mobile phone, computer, whatsapp, and add countless mess like no one and nothing can stop them.
    Some of the interesting videos have uploaded to Youtube:


    Don't be surprise when you find the background of those people who hack in my device!

    I know you will know the real identity of them.

    I am sure you will interested in my cyber account.
    Please contact me if you are willing to tell me a bit about what you have discover. I hope you know how to send an email to me without being delete by them. Or you can contact me via the contact information written on the heading. It will be great if you would tell me how to recover those records related to their add-on mess they deleted or removed. Please feel free to share this to any experts or media who interested in discover what's behind. Thank you for your patience and time to read through all this letter. I am glad to hear from you so please contact me until you directly reach me.
    Keep in touch,
    Trista, YIP Ka Yee


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